The New Kisag Kitchen Blender Makes Easy Work of Raja Monkey’s Masala

In the third of a series of real-world trials we took the largest of the new Kisag kitchen blenders, the monster 200l model, to Raja Monkey in Birmingham to see how it performed. 

Ready and waiting for us was Munayam Khan who had been busy making up a batch of masala sauce that is the base for the popular chicken tikka masala. This sauce is not easy to make and requires assiduous blending of whole spices such as cinnamon sticks and bay leaves which can be so troublesome for stick blenders to make smooth.

When the sauce was ready Munayam put the blender to the test and it was quickly evident that the sauce was not going to prove much of an obstacle. Indeed, within five minutes the whole thing was smooth and considered ready for use.

“It’s a great addition to our kitchen,” Munayam enthused. “It was both quiet and fast. This would normally have taken twenty minutes but it handled it with ease.”

Watch the film to see the whole trial and the complete interview: