The Chefs’ Forum Celebrate Kentish Mackerel at the Hythe Imperial

The Chefs’ Forum summer Kent meet took place at the Hythe Imperial on Monday (12) July 2016.  As a collective of top chefs joining forces to inspire each other’s menus as well as the next generation, the event saw Drew King, General Manager and Head Chef at The Marquis at Alkham join Hythe Imperial Executive Chef Steve Awcock and Head Chef, John Bingley to demonstrate to their peers who attended the event.

Hush HeathThe day began with a delicious Hush Heath English Sparkling Wine reception accompanied by savoury and sweets canapés showcasing the skills of the hosting chefs.

Adam - HIT LearnerDrew brought with him Adam Deal, his Commis chef, a Hit Training learner who assisted with prep of canapés and joined Drew in demonstrating to a daunting audience of professional chefs from across Kent.  Adam did fantastically well, more than holding his own amongst the team and audience of culinary experts – I real testament to Hit Training and a credit to Drew’s fantastic mentoring as his head chef. Drew’s obvious patience and encouragement of Adam was plain to see as the audience witnessed his perfect recreation of Drew’s demo dish with very little, if no guidance.

John and Steve demo dishJohn and Steve demoFirst to demonstrate their culinary skills were Steve and John who talked the chefs through composition and execution of a starter of salt and pepper squid with home pickled vegetables and sweet chilli sauce and a main of Duck breast served with a spinach subric, potato rosti and Tarragon orange jus.

Drew DemoDrew Demo DishDrew honoured Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Victory in creating a delicious dessert celebrating Kentish strawberries.  Drew employed old school techniques in creating intricate meringue swans and marshmallows surrounding a perfect soufflé.

Paul - Koppert CressPaul Da Costa Greaves talked the chefs through the Koppert Cress tasting garden and local butcher Salvatori showcased his top quality meat in a delicious BBQ, cooked by Paul Yates on the Monolith Kamado Grill.

The guests then made their way over to the blustery beach, just ten metres away from the hotel for a spot of mackerel fishing. Despite the wind and choppy sea, the chefs all took a rod in hand to have a go at catching some fish.  Sadly, the wild elements proved too strong and it was a fruitless exercise.  However, Drew’s expert instruction has meant that novice fishermen and women have been inspired to have another go on a less blowy day!


Fishing 2