The Blender of Choice for All Things Asian

You know the score. You’ve got a big batch of curry base or a large spice mix that needs a heavy dose of blending. The only problem is the blender you are using overheats and you must stop and start and never really know when you are close to pushing your blender to the limit.

If that rings true for you, then you need to look at the well-rounded range of hand blenders from Swiss brand, Kisag.  Swiss designed and manufactured, since 1945, their handheld blenders have a two-speed motor capable of up to 20,000 revs per minute and an 8-minute continuous run time. They come in three sizes for all recipe needs.

That’s a serious amount of punch but it doesn’t stop there. The blenders are designed to fit the hand allowing the palm to have a firm grip giving more dexterity when blending. Plus, the design also has the added benefit of not rolling off a worktop when setting down between uses.

The sealed shaft prevents liquid from entering the drive shaft. Thanks to their extremely strong stirring performance and multifunctional all-purpose blade they are ideal for Asian kitchens that have a lot of heavy-duty processing to be done.

However, they can also be used for mixing, pureeing, or whipping cream, mayonnaise, for grinding and chopping of nuts. Every unit comes complete with a wall mount to keep the blender to hand and an extra long cable for ease of access around the kitchen environment.

Kat Cooper, Project Director at Mitchell & Cooper says

“Here at Mitchell & Cooper Ltd. we have distributed many brands of stick blenders over the years and feel Kisag’s strong Swiss design and manufacturing roots have created a well-rounded stick blender offer, with the chef in mind.  Key design attributes make these stand out products in design and function.”

Available exclusively through Mitchell & Cooper Ltd.