Sureteam Ltd

Common sense, practical Health and Safety support and advice

A restaurant is like a theatre, front of house is serene and elegant whilst behind the scenes there are a myriad of different staff working together to have everything ready to provide a platter of food to wow the customer. Every job from the potwasher upwards is important to the production of the best food but, as with every business, restaurants are required to take all issues of Health and Safety seriously.

Obviously you are all experts in food safety and hygiene but other specific safety issues for the hospitality sector are slips, trips and falls, lifting, manual handling and upper limb disorders, contact with hot surfaces and harmful substances, dermatitis, cuts from knives, maintenance of equipment and buildings, ventilation and gas equipment, working with young people and often, stress ………. so much to think about!

If you would like to have a friendly, external adviser to offer practical and cost-effective solutions for Health and Safety issues consider Sureteam as part of your team. We can be there for a one-off piece of work or be available for day to day advice, working with you on a retainer basis so you can get on with what you’re best at, secure in the knowledge that you’ve got Health and Safety covered.

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