Plymouth Tea

Luxury Tea Supplier

At Plymouth Tea we believe that one of the oldest British institutions should be an experience to be savoured. Too often tea is something that is overlooked and an ‘easy option’ is often selected

Back When Plymouth Tea was founded we were determined that our tea was to be one of the very best on the market and today we feel that this has been achieved. Therefore when our trade customers serve Plymouth Tea it allows them to enhance their already high standards.

We have three unique luxury blends with which to choose from, each blended with a specific tea drinker in mind, in this way any customers request can be satisfied.

We use the highest quality tea selected from Kenyan and Assam plantations, the tea is then blended, packed and distributed from the beautiful southwest of Great Britain.

Growing Our Own 

We are already beginning the process of growing our own tea right here in Plymouth, a 7 year cultivation process  is needed before the tea can be harvested but we are prepared to commit ourselves to make the ultimate luxury tea.





Trade Customers

If you serve tea in your establishment or business(and most of you will) then please consider serving & selling Plymouth Tea.

We do not consider ourselves a  ‘Location Tea’ though we are proud to be based in one of the most historic cities in the world we feel that our brand would sit on the shelf in any luxury establishment regardless of where it was based

We consider Plymouth Tea the number one choice for top end restaurants and hotels and we pride ourselves on being able to acquiesce any request we receive, So if you are interested in serving, selling Plymouth Tea or would just like to chat about possibilities then please feel free to contact us on 01752 317 467 or email: .