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Valentine Warner is a chef, food writer and broadcaster known for his deep love of nature and travel. Training originally as an artist he has an ongoing love for design. Describing his cooking style as ‘International Grandmother’, his lifelong interest in provincial food means he’d more likely be trying to get an octopus recipe off a Greek widow than talking molecular gastronomy. He is unsqueamish and has no dietary requirements. Val is widely recognised for his understanding of ingredients, both wild and cultivated and his ability to make something delicious with apparently little, whether in a boat or on a log. He would generally prefer to be found in a field rather than an office and is most likely to be fishing or melting butter. He has written five books, three of which he illustrated.


‘What to Eat Now’ 2008, BBC2 Sees Valentine seeking out the best seasonal ingredients and dishes that Autumn has to offer.

‘What to Eat Now’  2009, BBC2 Sees Valentine concentrating this time on Spring and Summer ingredients.

‘Coast to Coast’ 2011, Good Food Channel.

Travelling the UK’s southern river systems, fishing and cooking his catch on the riverbank.

‘Ration Book Britain  Food at home and for the troops abroad over WWII  and ‘Valentine Warner Eats The Sixties’ Both in 2011, Yesterday.

‘Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia’ 2013, UKTV, Good Food ChannelVal explores the cuisines of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

‘Hook It Cook It’ 2014, Fox & National Geographic.

Valentine competes against chef Nathan Outlaw in this fish cookery series, filmed across the UK & Europe.

‘Valentine Warner’s Wild Table, Canada’ 2014, Fox & National Geographic.

Seeking out and cooking foraged treats from the Yukon to Newfoundland in the wilds of Canada.


‘What to Eat Now: Autumn & Winter’ 2008.

What to Eat Now, More Please: Spring & Summer’ 2009.

‘The Good Table, Adventures in and around my kitchen’ 2011.

What To Eat Next’ 2014. Published by Mitchell Beazley. His fifth book The Consolation of Food, Stories About Life and Death Seasoned With Recipes is very much more a storybook  than a cookbook and was published in 2019 by Pavilion Books.

Val has written numerous articles for food magazines and broadsheets. He loves radio and has judged and co-presented for the Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards.