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The name of my current workplace is Parkstone Yacht Club Poole, I have been there nearly 2 years.

I attended South Glamorgan College to achieve my City and Guilds 706/1 706/2 706/3. I then went onto Thames Valley University to attain my Diploma in Culinary Arts Pastry.

I worked at the Royal Gardens London for many years under Mr Remy Fougere where I learnt all aspects of classical French cuisine, the training was then one of the best in London if not the country. Remy was a great influence on me and we still speak to this day. I consider him a mentor and a friend.

What I enjoy most about being a chef is the endless self learning and being able to teach my staff not just old classics but new dishes and techniques.

I come up with new dishes, by reading and my memory bank of knowledge. I will think of a protein or vegetable and then consider what to put with it. I aim not to have more than five items on the plate, so as not to confuse. I like to play with textures and technique. I also love learning new pastry techniques, especially from countries like Spain where there has been a lot of thinking outside of the box.

My greatest influence in life was my father and my greatest influence in my chef career was Remy Fougere.

I do not have a favourite cookbook as I have many great ones but Cuisine Gourmande by Michel Guerard is a favourite as it was a classic in its time also the Herrings Dictionary is also a favourite. Of the modern ones the  Eleven Madison Park series are great books.