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G’day, from The Australian Chef!

Melbourne is a wonderful mix of cultures, a fact, reflected in its gastro pubs, hotels, brassieres restaurants, cafes, bistros and bars. You can choose from a huge selection of the world’s great cuisines, and i must say Melbourne is the greatest food city in the world, from our absolutely amazing laneways to our high end restaurants, you’ll find everything you are looking for , and only a tiny bit of that statement is due to hometown bias.

“The food I love to create is ‘ modernist cuisine ’ – using Australian, French, Japanese and Thai ingredients, with lots of seafood and game, creating innovative dishes that push the boundaries making exciting, adventurous, and audacious food”.

I started travelling in 2003 and travel around Europe working as a Chef de Cuisine/ Head Chef and Freelance chef/Chef de Tournant in chalets, brassieres, gastro pubs, restaurants, hotels and resorts with locations such as Amsterdam, Bruges, Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, Europe’s alpine region and the Mediterranean and Greek islands.

Working as a Freelance chef/Chef de Tournant; I am hired by different clients to create a special dining experience for them and their guests in their home kitchens and or outside locations based on their needs and preferences. I create menus with local produce using regional suppliers who are not only enthusiastic and professional, but really care about their product. I would be sourcing and selecting only the freshest natural ingredients which enables me to develop constantly evolving seasonal menus.