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What is the name of the current restaurant you work at and how long have you worked there?

  • Elly Wentworth (28 years old)
  • Head chef @ The Angel – Taste of Devon in Dartmouth
  • Head Chef since September 11th 2018

Where did you learn your skills/culinary education / Give a brief overview of your career?
Having grown up in South West, Elly Wentworth has been cooking since she was 13 and after studying Professional Cookery at City College Plymouth, she first worked at the 3 AA rosette Tanner Restaurant in Plymouth under Chris Tanner and James Tanner and went on to eventually work in 3 one Michelin star kitchens -The Elephant under Simon Hulstone, The Bybrook at the Manor House under Richard Davies and Restaurant Hywell Jones at Luckman Park. With that wealth of experience, Elly believes that accomplishments only come with hard work and she has proven that having competed in the prestigious Royal Academy of Culinary Arts awards and was one of only four chefs to be given an Award of Excellence and coming runner up in 2016 Professional MasterChef.

At the Angel Elly is focusing on using local ingredients in the best possible way, maximising the flavour, creating a unique dining experience. With the history of The Angel, under the great success and leadership of Joyce Molyneux we very much wanted the next chapter of The Angel to be led by one of the top female rising culinary stars.

What do you enjoy most about being a chef?
Working with my team on a daily basis and I simply just love food. I love the buzz from each service and the rewards that me and my team have built together. I love teaching the younger generation into the industry knowing that one day they will blossom.

Which of your dishes are you most proud of?
The dishes I’m most proud of are our signature beetroot tart, ts been on since the beginning of me being at the Angel. It’s always a big highlight to our customers.

How do you come up with new dishes?
To be honest, the first version of any dish is never right. For example, the chocolate bar desert we have on the menu at the moment started out with raisin and almond, it now features lime caramel and pistachio. It’s a process of tasting, getting other people to try it and swapping ingredients in and out until you get something fantastic.

Who was your greatest influence?
I have many chefs who have influence me in many ways. ‘Chris & James Tanner. “Richard Davies”

But I think it was working for Hywel Jones at Luckman park. He is amazing. If you ask any chef why they come to work here, it’s because of Hywel. He’s the best chef in the country to work for. He’s an incredibly talented man, his food is incredible, and he’s so supportive. He’s looked after me really well, and encouraged me to do everything and never said ‘no.’

What is your favourite cookbook?
Daniel Clifford – Out of My Tree.