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The root of Chris Brown’s culinary success goes right back to his first ever job in the industry at the Copthorne Hotel, Cardiff. Over a decade later, he still cites his head chef there as an important role model and major source of inspiration. This teacher instilled in his young protégé a winning work ethic, helping Chris to realise his potential early on.

The firm but fruitful style of training he received, equipped Chris with the tools for gastronomic triumph – and indeed, his career has since gone from strength to strength. The first kitchen he ever headed gained an AA rosette under his lead; he achieved a double AA rosette award with his team at the prestigious Celtic Manor; and he has even worked in renowned Michelin-starred restaurant, The Crown at Whitebrook.

Chris sees every working day as a learning experience – no two ever the same and each bringing its own exciting trials. This passionate and creative chef loves the freedom and challenge of composing fresh menus each season and putting new specials together – his signature dish of panseared sea bass with Lyonnaise potato, truffled broccoli creme fraiche and chive velouté is a shining example of his fantastic creations.