Less is Cure

The art of the cure is now a couple of clicks away thanks to a new, food transformation cabinet from Stagionello®.

What was once the preserve of master technicians who could harness wind and local humidity to produce world-beating cured meats, such as Prosciutto and Salami, has become possible in a kitchen. Like the Combi and the Crustastun, curing has gone tech!

Evandro Bottechia, Head of Sales at DCI Maintenance Ltd, who supplies Stagionello®, said:

“The Stagionello® machine has developed a new, patented, process for salami curing and cooking, meat maturation as well as fish curing and smoking (with Ph control) all in one smart cabinet.

“It’s a unique system for processing fermentation and controlled maturation food with pH management. It is possible to mature meat in a safe and controlled way for up to 360 days without the use of any additives throughout the process.

“It is the only device of its kind which has a cold-flavouring system that uses no heat or combustion. This conserves all the properties of the food and results in zero toxic residues.

Here is the process captured over 28-days week:

“The Stagionello® uses a homogenous ventilation system that can result in a 14% loss of moisture during the curing process and comes with a training course and a scientific consultancy.”

Chefs’ Forum Director Catherine Farinha, said:

“The Stagionello® took centre stage at a special Meat Feast we are hosted at Omnino Steakhouse in London with Meat & Livestock Australia. As well as trying and tasting prime cuts of Aussie beef, the chefs also had the opportunity to try some cuts that had been matured for 28-days in a Stagionello® machine, under the careful watch of Brand Ambassador, Chef Junior Menezes. We’re all really excited to see what chefs will make of the technology and how they will start using it!”

The idea is to teach our college lecturers how to use the technology, so they can in turn teach students in our network of Chefs’ Forum Academies across the UK.