La Chasse

La Chasse aims  to provide top chefs in the West Country with the raw materials they need to enrich the dishes on their menus.  

It has  the ‘foreign funky stuff’, which cannot be grown in Britain, but what really differentiates La Chasse from other suppliers is its policy on the discovery of fantastic local produce: Grown, reared or produced right on its Dorset doorstep!



Some of the crown jewels  are:

La Chasse prides itself in optimum levels of customer service and comes highly recommended by members of The Chefs’ Forum:

“La Chasse is helpful, flexible, honest & on time”!

Tim Maddams, Ex Head Chef, River Cottage

“I would recommend La Chasse to any member of The Chefs’ Forum, great products, great people”!

Gary Gardener, Head Chef,  Coombe Grove Manor, Nr Bath.

For further information, please contact Catherine Cotton at La Chasse :

Tel: 01747 823978

Mob: 07754 482117

Fax: 01747 824786