Kent Chefs Enjoyed a Spectacular Live-fire-cooking Event at Cave Hotel

Executive Chef John Bingley and Head Chef Andy Holden welcomed eighty fellow chefs and hospitality professionals to Cave Hotel to give them a sneak peek into the fabulous new opening that everybody’s talking about.

Cave Hotel opened for a soft launch at the beginning of the summer and it now the destination of choice for Kent’s glitterati, weddings and corporate events.  The multi-million-pound construction pInterior Shotroject is finally coming to an end and promises guests a truly luxurious experience once formally launched next month.

Cave Hotel and Golf Resort is Kent’s newest luxury destination hotel and restaurant, conveniently located within a short drive from Canterbury. With a variety of modern, opulent accommodation, an indulgent pool area, incredible golf at Boughton, and wood-smoked, Asian-influenced cuisine. Cave provides the perfect eclectic mix for a relaxing and memorable stay.

John saidNorth Kent College student prepping canapes

“I am delighted to host this event today.  I always look forward to Chefs’ Forum events as a chance to catch up with all of my culinary peers and inspire young chefs and hospitality professionals.  Today was an excellent opportunity to showcase the Cave operation and all of the exciting things we do here to ensure the best possible guest experience.  I am extremely proud of Andy and my team and was very impressed with the students from North Kent College.”

John and his team have recently returned from a culinary research trip to America to research pit cooking for the food offer at Cave Hotel.  John is very happy in his role and very impressed with the level of investment in his culinary team in terms of professional development by the hotel owners.John and Andy with students

The day started with a team briefing of the students by John and Andy and Sergio, F&B Director to the front of house and kitchen students from North Kent College.

The young chefs were welcomed into the kitchen by John and Andy and told of the canapé menu they would create.

The students worked hard to create and impressive menu of canapés for the guests who would arrive at midday comprising:

The day then commenced with a brilliant pork butchery demonstration with finest Norton’s Speciality pork from award-winning butchers Walter Rose & Sons.  Voted Butchers Shop of the Year in 2016, Walter Rose is delighted to have been shortlisted as a finalist again this year.

Director, Jack Cook showcased various cuts from the pork Jack butcheryfore to achieve high-margin tasty dishes on chefs’ menus.  The beautiful pork cuts were then grilled to perfection on the Kamado Joe by Sue Stoneman, Southwest Chef of the Year.

Matt Fewins from Iugis then presented the Orca food waste management system that mimics a natural digestion process, that our body and other living organisms are governed by. ORCA creates the perfect thermophilic biological environment for the microorganisms to digest food waste into a liquid.  The chefs were very interested in adopting this fantastic technology at their restaurants and many subsequent appointments were secured with them.

Next-up was Mike Logut from Foie Royale.  Mike presented the ethical alternative to foie gras taking the chef scene by storm. Mike explained that he has now got the product into Waitrose, luxury cruise ships and some of the most prestigious operations in the UK.  Top chefs are now replacing foie gras on their menus with Foie Royale, the cruelty-free alternative – for more details click here.

John and Andy demoJohn and Andy then took to the demo stage to give a brilliant demonstration of the unique cooking style offered by their brand-new Fire Pit Restaurant.

The talented duo showed the chefs how to prep beef brisket for the smoker and then opened a freshly cooked one for everyone to try.

The chefs were then treated to an absolute banquet:

Demo dishThe guests all tucked-in to the veritable feast offered by Team Cave and were full of admiration for the new cooking styles coined by John straight from his culinary tour of the United States of America!

Sue demo on the Kamado JoeSue Stoneman then invited the guests onto the terrace for a presentation of the Kamado Joe ceramic grill, where she showcased focaccia, Walter Rose pork cuts and a cider and apple cake on the Junior Joe.  The versatility of the Kamado Joe means it can be used to sear, grill, smoke, bake and many more cooking styles to cook virtually any dish – The Chefs’ Forum are now dealers for this fantastic grill and can provide any further information required.

The day ended with a series of tours and show-rounds of the new hotel and Fire Pit Restaurant by John and the team.  A great day was had by all and many culinary memories made as the chefs used the event to catch-up with each other, network and discover some great produce and equipment.

The next Chefs’ Forum event will take place on the 25th November in the form of a Chefs’ Lunch at North Kent College.  Any chefs or supplier wishing to attend should contact

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