Karri on Honey

Karri is one of three honeys being promoted in the UK by Australian Rare. It comes from the South West Australia Biodiversity Hotspot which is a region home to 12,000 indigenous plants. It is an area of unparalleled purity and natural beauty. It is also home to the Karri tree from which the honey comes.

If you thought that was enough to make it rare then consider that the Karri tree only flowers once every 7-10 years. Now we’re talking really rare. Aside from Karri Australian Rare also feature Jarrah and Dwutta, both indigenous trees and both native to South West Australia. The Jarrah tree takes 120 years to mature. From maturity the tree produces its highest quality nectar, and hence honey. Most of the Jarrah trees that have been the source of this years’ honey batch are over 300 years old.

However, age and rarity are a side issue. What makes Australian Rare honey so remarkable is the purity, traceability and ethical nature of the product. The flavours of the honey have been selected by a team of honey sommeliers and scientists from hundreds of different batches all made by trusted partners from across this unique biodiversity hotspot to represent the best of every season.  

These honeys are exceptionally pure and full of the nutrition that only the very best honey possesses and that’s what makes Australian Rare so very special.

We conducted our own taste tests of these three honey types and can confirm that have the requisite delicate flavours to make chefs very excited to work with them. As with salt, olive oil and chocolate there is now a batch of honeys to add to the very best menus and something for wine sommeliers to get excited about.