We are connected to nature.

Our restaurant, bar and kitchen focus on ingredients from the fields, forests, orchards, lakes & seas that surround our walled garden.

We shun industrially produced ingredients and rely on age old methods of preservation & fermentation to produce live and nutritious food and drink often from within metres of the walls.

Culturally rich.

Lead by the seasons.

Tied to nature.


We are recruiting a talented Head Chef with the following skills:

  • Exceptional knowledge and experience working with the British seasons and cooking English produce
  • Prior experience in management from a well respected food establishment (either sous or head-chef level)
  • Able to thoroughly motivate, inspire and lead a team
  • Self motivated and driven


    The Ethicurean Book 3 (May 2012)

  • Ensure the consistency of food across the kitchen, even in their absence, through efficient systems and training
  • Able to work to set GPs, wastage and staffing budgets
  • A thorough knowledge of the safe handling of food, food safety management systems, HSE systems, EHO compliance etc and to train staff and implement and monitor these systems rigorously
  • Proficient in recruiting and training junior and senior members of staff
  • Able to work with the limitations set out by the ethos of The Ethicurean (seasonal, British, wild, preserved, nutritional etc, to name but a few)
  • Able to create regularly changing dishes, based on the produce available to us in the garden
  • Confident in meeting clients enquiring about weddings and private hire, and designing bespoke menus to their brief
  • Unique ideas on how to improve on the efficient day to day running of the business
  • Understand and be able to work with seasonal demands of the business (busy summers etc)
  • Able to provide excellent references and a stable work history

inline_663_http://thechefsforum.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Gigha-smoked-halibut-beet-kvass-fermented-egg-green-bronze-dill-seeds-tidal-greens-2-Credit-Jason-Ingram-150x150.jpginline_570_http://thechefsforum.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Poached-hake-dashi-stock-cockles-kombu-sea-plantain-Credit-Jason-Ingram-150x150.jpgWhat you can expect from The Ethicurean after your probationary period:

  • Extremely competitive salary + tips.
  • 28 days paid holiday per year.
  • 3 days off per week, varying week to week.
  • Occasional weekends off, depending on ability of kitchen team beneath you (owner’s discretion).
  • Access to the freshest, most delicious produce, delivered daily from the garden.
  • Introduced to and cook some incredible heirloom & heritage varieties of produce.
  • Request specific ingredients to be grown, if they are not already being grown.
  • Learn the art of fermentation from Matthew & Iain.
  • Pick your own garnish from the garden before every service.

Photography by Jason Ingram