At Redefine Meat, innovation is in our DNA. We rethink, reinvent and redefine meat to bring you New-Meat™ experience. We use a range of technological elements in our creation processes, from material science to artificial intelligence, and 3D printing that has the power to shape a better world and reinvent the wheel. Rest assured, our burgers, cuts and other products are not just juicy and delicious, but a whole new experience and sensory delight. We’ve gone to painstaking measures to replicate the complete meat-eating experience, right down to the number of chews in every bite. Imagine a more delicious New-Meat™ than Redefine Meat – go on, we dare you!


  • Deliver online and offline demos/culinary support to reach & penetrate the business growth with a selling approach.
  • Supporting our channel communication by creating and delivering winning Chef recipes/solutions to solve problems.
  • Responsible for Producing/(digital) content/killer recipes according to the marketing calendar and strategies.
  • Develop content and conduct physical and virtual culinary training for sales & Biz Dev aligned with the identified business strategies (innovations, trends, and market needs).
  • Being an influencer in the Chef community on social media by building a network/organizing content and activities that would help grow the external network.
  • As a culinary business lead, you are responsible for giving Culinary support for innovations/ benchmarks/product development for one or multiple product categories.
  • Collaborate with Business Development, Marketing, and Digital to identify, develop and validate new business opportunities that arise from market needs, kitchen trends, and FS market developments.


  • Proven track-record as a Chef and operator, in a leading restaurant, global environment.
  • You are in possession of a professional degree from a culinary school
  • Excellent culinary skills/passion for food
  • Strong affiliation with the foodservice market
  • You have excellent communication skills and are able to easily contact other Chefs to build a network with them
  • Kitchen management skills
  • Content Curation (Trend & need based), and creation skills
  • You can deliver face-to-face and online trainings/demos
  • You are at ease with social media (Facebook, Instagram), Adobe Assets, streaming tools and photography and video editing tools
  • Menu management
  • You have a passion for growth
  • You can work independently