Adande Refrigeration is once again expanding its sales team, creating the new role of Regional Sales Manager to cover the South & South West.

Demand is ever increasing for our multi-award winning products and Adande is proving as successful with all types of restaurant chain as well as Michelin starred restaurants, independent restaurants, hotels, catering colleges and schools.

inline_108_ catering equipment distributors and kitchen design houses are increasingly enthusiastic about the versatility of Adande’s insulated drawer refrigeration. As well as offering the best possible replacement for conventional refrigeration, because it offers the same capacity and the most stable temperature control and humidity in the commercial kitchen, Adande is also increasingly used as part of the kitchen design itself; either as worktops next to or within the cookline, or as part of the kitchen fabric, to support combi ovens or chargrills, for example.

Adande units are also increasingly used to form forming specialised fabrications, creating dedicated microwave or dessert stations, for example.

Adande is unusual in that it appeals both to professional chefs, who love the temperature control, ease of use and consistency and to the operators, who see major savings in terms of reduced food waste and up to 60% energy reductions compared to conventional refrigeration.

 Says Adande UK Sales Director Karl Hodgson: “Adande’s unique insulated refrigerated drawers are deservedly gaining increasing interest, both from potential users such as chefs and the operators of catering businesses, especially the chains.

“The ease of use, flexibility of temperature control and the outstanding keeping qualities for food are amazing to chefs and the operators. Adande is helping to change how kitchens operate by expanding the boundaries for storing and cooking food; the fact that Adande also cuts food waste, offers huge energy savings and improves food safety is an irresistible bonus!

“This new appointment reflects the increasing demand for Adande and our increasing support for catering equipment distributors, as we both stand to benefit from the continued strong growth in sales of Adande refrigeration units.”

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