How to Revolutionise Your Outdoor Space and Generate Extra Income with The ‘Chill&Grill’ Outdoor Cook Station!


A timely partnership between refrigeration experts Adande and Synergy Grill Technology will see a revolution in outdoor cooking. The ‘Chill&Grill’ cooking station pairs up the grill taking the market by storm with the ability to hold chilled ingredients underneath.

The Chill&Grill is perfect for outdoor events and casual dining in a space normally reserved for the BBQ. It enables businesses to maintain social distancing and customer flow and maximises much-needed extra space. The Chill&Grill brings theatre of the main kitchen outside for the first time and will be an extra income generator for private small functions under a canopy.

The package includes the latest Adande refrigerated drawer unit paired with a Synergy Trilogy grill. Everything is housed in a wooden-finish cabinet which allows for gas bottle storage space.

chill&grill sales directorKarl Hodgson, Global Sales Director at Adande told The Chefs’ Forum:

“We are really excited to launch this new partnership. The Chill&Grill is an outdoor cooking station with a combination of cutting-edge grilling and refrigeration technology from two innovative British manufacturers. 

“Not only does it help save energy and is more environmentally friendly but, more importantly, both pieces of kit improve the quality of food from delivery into the kitchen (storage) to the plate on which it is served (cook).”

Adande believe they can build on existing chef praise for their technology. Hywel Jones, executive chef at Lucknam Park in Wiltshire told The Chefs’ Forum recently:

hywel jones chill&grillAs chefs we spend a lot of time and effort sourcing the best quality ingredients to use. The same can be said about the equipment we use.  Adande refrigerated drawer units are engineered to the highest standard, offer us total flexibility and reliability and instill confidence among the team. Having now used Adande for over a decade they have become integral to our business.”

And Cláudio Cardoso, Chef Consultant, says the precise temperature controls of Adande are one of the reasons why he uses the equipment.

I think Adande is probably the best equipment available on the market right now. It is extremely versatile and perfect for keeping perishable ingredients at a low temperature. The Adande is great for keeping raw fresh fish and meat at a stable low temperature despite drawers being constantly opened during a busy service.  This also minimizes food waste and adds longevity to your products.

The Adande is also space-saving as the motor is on the back, as opposed to on the side, like many other products. Space is at a premium in our kitchens.”

Synergy’s commercial and marketing director, Richard Ebbs, said the collaboration with Adande meant it was able to develop a unique solution ideal for the summer.

As a brand, it is important for us to keep ahead of the curve with new product innovations, and our new Chill & Grill unit is a perfect example of this, allowing operators to tap into the thriving outdoor dining market in a safe, practical and sustainable way.”

Adande’s Karl Hodgson continued: “It’s great to be able to work with another great British foodservice equipment brand, Synergy Grill Technology, and together bring further value to the hospitality sector.

Synergys new Outdoor Cooking Station is a must-have for any venue looking to market its outdoor space as a dining option. This new profit-station will undoubtedly be a welcome necessity to those venues that want to entice customers back to the table, safely and enjoyably. Being innovative at this time is vital for everyones future growth and success.”

Both Adande and Synergy reveal that customers will also benefit from two of the most efficient products on the market. Synergy uses 59% less energy than standard chargrills on average while Adande have given the refrigeration element an A+ energy rating.

For more information on the ultimate cook station, please contact Leander Cadbury, below.

Increase food revenue by making cooking visible and in a self-contained unit without any extra labour required!

Higher turnover of food – Higher chef productivity – less than half energy consumption compared to average mainstream chargrills.

For more information, please contact Leander Cadbury, Director, Synergy Grill:
M: 07747774407