Get on Board: 7 Reasons to Consider a Career on a Superyacht with Quay Crew

Get on board: 7 reasons to consider a career on a superyacht

If you’re looking for a new challenge in the kitchen then a career on a superyacht might be for you.

Tim Clarke, Director of Quay Crew – a recruitment agency for the superyacht industry, has given us seven reasons to consider leaving dry land behind and taking your skills to the seas!

Quay Crew DolphinsSee the world. Working on a superyacht you’re unlikely to be in the same place for long. You could find yourself cruising in the Caribbean one month and mooching around the Mediterranean the next. And there’s the chance to experience that most people only dream of, like the Monaco Grand Prix or Cannes Film Festival.

Big budgets. Life on a superyacht is all about glamour and opulence, and the menus you will be working on will reflect that, and so will the budgets! It’s not unheard of for yachts to spend up to 40,000 euro a month on provisioning.

Alfa neroGreat salaries. The hospitality industry is notorious for low wages – but not on a superyacht. The lowest salary you could expect is around 3,500 euros a month, but if you land a role as a sole or head chef this could rise to as much as 8,000 a month. And did we mention that that’s tax free?

Tips. You’ll be working for people who like to splash the cash, and if you do a good job then some of that will go in your direction in the form of tips. If you save your money then within a few years it’s perfectly possible that you’ll have enough to set up your own business.

Small services. Instead of cooking for 100 covers, you’ll be cooking for 12 – imagine how much more freedom you’ll have with the dishes, and how much less prep you’ll have to do…

Quay Crew YachtExpand your skills. Big budgets and small services mean that you’ll have plenty of opportunity to expand your cooking repertoire.

Get a life. Working in a kitchen has become synonymous with long hours and getting a work life balance can be hard. We’re not going to pretend that working on a superyacht is one big holiday, but you will get the chance to experience a life which doesn’t just revolve around being in a kitchen 18 hours a day.Print

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