Game Tasting Evening at The Star & Dove with City of Bristol College Students!

The Star and Dove present a Game tasting evening with City of Bristol College

On Thursday 17th October City of Bristol College catering students (Apprentice L3, VRQ 3 food service and B’Tec) will take over and run a 5 course tasting Game Dinner menu for 50 guests at The Star and Dove. local game meat is being supplied by Country Sports South West. The cost of the dinner will be £35 and City of Bristol College students will be assisting in cooking and serving the food, which will include dishes from The College!

Please call The Star & Dove to book your tickets NOW: 0117 9332892

For one night only master cooks and apprentices will deliver a 6 course tasting menu taken from Robert Mays “An Accomplished Cook” (1665).


6 Courses – £35 per person

Drinks flight available




Bill of fare


Pottage in the italian fashion

Green pease,smoked duck, anniseed


A hash of partridges

Fried oysters, chestnuts, lemon

Dish of pigeons

Pine apple seeds, pistaches, cinamon

Forced pheasent

Minced Veal,barberries,mace

Roast Red Dear

Claret Wine, ginger, rosemary



Quaking Pudding

Marrow, rosewater, rasins