Coastline Produce Ltd

So what can we say about Coastline?…….. Well we could tell you that we are a family run business that has been established for over 20 years.  Or that we have depots in Christchurch,  Cowes and Tonbridge,  that we have BRC A Standard Accreditations in Food Processing and Storage and Distribution, and run a 24/7 operation,  but we doubt we would hold your attention for long.

What we can tell you is that our MD, who trained and worked as a professional chef has never lost his passion for food and along with his dedicated team, strive to provide the best products available. Whether that is from local producers around the Dorset & Kent area to international growers. We always do our utmost to react to our customers demands.





We are extremely lucky to have a produce buyer who has lived the breathed the Rungis market for many years before joining us and continues to deal with the market on a daily basis, or you may have seen “Exotic Wayne” out and about showing customers his produce (no pun intended).

So whether it’s a simple tomato or the more enchanting Oca Peru, Anchovies to Zinc coated scourers you are looking for, let us know. Our website currently may not be a sweet little delicacy but we do put some tasty little morsels on Facebook and Twitter regularly.

For more information or to meet one of the sales team contact or call 01202 481591