Cleaning Specialists, Bright Hygiene – The Importance of a Kitchen and Ventilation Deep Clean

Getting a regular specialist service in place to keep your kitchen and ventilation systems spick and span, isn’t just a luxury. For specialist company like Bright Hygiene, business is booming, here’s why…

With food hygiene ratings being as important to today’s customers as Trip Advisor ratings or recommendations from friends, there’s nowhere to hide. A quick once over from the kitchen porter just doesn’t cut it anymore, regular deep cleans of kitchens are essential and the cleaning frequency of ventilation systems are an insurance requirement. This makes a regular cleaning schedule critical to the success of food outlets – big and small.

Bright Hygiene vent 250And it’s not just customers who avoid the 1-star hygiene rated establishments, it also sends a message about how safe and secure the ways of working are (and how much pride the business owners have in what they do) to potential employees. Regular deep cleans of cooking equipment, canopies and extraction systems don’t only help with hygiene, they also form an essential part of their maintenance regime, making them safer workplaces – not to mention the improvements to the air quality for staff.  Bright Hygiene have specialist equipment and teams who will remove all traces of combustible materials like grease from the cooking and ventilation equipment, helping to minimise any potential damage a fire can do to the building.

Sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate. Smart business owners are realising that they can often reduce their buildings insurance premiums by putting in place a regular contracted cleaning plan with specialist company Bright Hygiene.

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