Chefs Enjoyed a Koppert Cressperience & Kamado Joe Grilling Experience at Eckington Manor!

Top chefs gathered at Eckington Manor in Pershore for a brilliant ‘Cressperience’ with micro greens aficionado Paul Da Costa Greaves.Joe from Brindisa with platter

Guests were welcomed with a beer and a delicious Brindisa tapas selection of olives, anchovies, hams and cheeses, perfect for a hot summer’s day!

Ritter Courivaud followed with an array of mouth-wateringly brilliant mini eclairs, macaroons, chocolate truffles and financiers. As well as mini pastries cooked in the Falcon convection oven.

The beautiful venue perfectly-lent itself to a day of culinary inspiration as chefs from an hour’s radius of the venue came to learn more about Koppert cresses and microgreens and how they can be used as ingredients in dishes in varJak Demoious recipes and cooking techniques.

Paul Da Costa Greaves and development chef Jak Cresser-Brown teamed-up to show the guests how Koppert Cress eliminates the need for seasoning in using natural elements and flavourings within the cresses and microgreens to achieve delicious flavour.

Jak showcased the cresses in oils, jellies, salads and dehydrated forms, this just proves how versatile they are.

Paul da Costa Greaves, Koppert Cress EMEA Region Country Manager saidPaul DCG

 “Education has always been at the forefront with Koppert Cress. It is great to see so many chefs here captivated by our educational session today.  All chefs here will receive and educational document on our cresses. This document consists of a combination of theory and practical understanding and food pairing combinations to act as a reference guide in their everyday lives”.

He continued

“Koppert Cress enables the best Chefs to be the best, enhancing their menus and enriching their recipes. The Koppert Cress culinary team has arranged for all chefs at the ‘Cressperience’ today to receive six month’s access to our partner menu-building tool Gastronomixs!”Mike from Foie Royale

Other highlights of the day were a tour of the spice truck by Sam Guarino of Santa Maria, a talk on Foie Royale – The ethical alternative to Foie Gras and a fabulous pork butcheSam on the Spice Truckry demonstration by Alex Byrne of Walter Rose & Son.

The day finished with a delectable BBQ on the Kamado Joe grills.  South West Chef of the Year winner, Sue Stoneman, grilled Walter Rose pork belly to perfection and created a fantastic focaccia bread and chocolate brownie for the guests who attended.


The Kamado Joe is an ancient Asian-style grill, a thick-walled cooker that imparts rich, smoky flavour to meats, fish and vegetables and can also be used to cook virtually anything al fresco!

Foccacia on the Kamado Joe UK is working with The Chefs’ Forum to spruce-up chefs’ terraces and enrich their kitchens, any chefs interested in an exceptional outdoor cooking experience at their restaurant by The Chefs’ Forum’s resident BBQ demo chef should contact