A New Dawn in Low Temperature Cooking

It was always going to happen. The same technology which has driven a resurgence in combi ovens has now reached sous vide water baths and vacuum packing machines, which is truly revolutionary for kitchens and chefs who love low temperature cooking.

“Combi technology comes to Sous Vide”

It is now possible to buy a new level of vacuum packing, that can inject gas into vacuum bags so chefs can now seal bags of delicate ingredients such as salads. Up until now this technology has not been available in standard kitchens. This one piece of news alone is very exciting, as kitchens evolve and menus see a new dawn of development.

However, the cycle of technology has not stopped there. A new breed of water bath is now on the market which comes with its own water supply connection and multiple probes that can actually be inserted through a new type of seal which can be fitted to cooking vacuum bag. This allows you to accurately register the core temperature of anything in the bath as well as the surrounding water temperature.

Low temperature cooking has become very popular in kitchens. The lower temperatures allow food to be cooked more gently for longer resulting in different textures and different flavours that can be added to sealed bags.

What has not been possible is to marry the level of vacuum with the precision of an inserted probe. That’s new. Now, chefs can control the exact level of pressure in the vacuum and even inject neutral gas into the bags to handle much more delicate items that can be damaged by too much pressure – think of things like salads and fruits.

Next, by using a new kind of vacuum bag seal, a probe can actually be inserted into the centre of a piece of meat and the precise temperature can be seen on the screen of the water bath. This means that when the core temperature is reached the cooking process can be stopped – even automatically. And water temperatures can be changed because of connection to the water supply. This is next-level water bathing.

Where combi ovens can now be used 24/7 so it is now possible with water baths than can be operated on timers with incredible precision.

One chef who’s been experimenting with the new technology is Dave Wall at award-winning The Unruly Pig in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

“I’ve been using the new machines and they are precise,” he told The Chefs’ Forum. “I use it to poach a duck liver parfait at an internal temperature of exactly 60˚C for 45 minutes and they turn out perfect. This is amazing technology. Next generation.”

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Imported by Taylor UK and on sale now, the new vacuum packing machines and water baths are manufactured by Orved, Italy.

For more information visit the website: www.taylor-company.co.uk