Santa Maria

We don’t do boring or predictable. And when it comes to food, we’ve never been big on rules.

At Santa Maria, we believe in doing things differently, grabbing taste and flavour with both hands. We’re a passionate bunch of straight talking foodies – always up for an adventure and trying new things.

Santa Maria Taste Rockstar (002)In a nutshell, we want chefs to love spices and herbs as much as we do.

Chef, Ask Yourself…

How much do I know about herbs and spices?

Herbs and spices matters as much as you care about the provenance of your meat or wine. A lot of chefs don’t know that every herbs and spices are graded based on their sizes, the bigger the size the more essential oil meaning more flavour. Why buy high quality meats but not season it with great quality herbs and spices?

“The education of spices is so limited, we take for granted a peppercorn is a peppercorn, yet tasting the different kinds has really opened my eyes to see there is a complete difference.”
Richard Davies, Executive Chef at Calcot Manor


How can I learn more about herbs and spices?

What is better than to have a FREE spice masterclass from one of our spice nerd, where you can get up close and personal with these hot stuffs?

Just email or message us through Instagram or Twitter @Santamariafsuk to arrange a spicy session!


How can I make a sustainable difference to my drystore?

We have changed our large format packaging from plastic to Eco-Friendly taste packs!

So why don’t you join us to help save our planet?


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