Meiko - The Clean Solution

MEIKO UK has built a reputation for offering exceptional equipment, supported with a total commitment to delivering the highest standard of customer service.

Meiko 2We take great pride in providing clear and honest information detailing the energy, water and chemical consumption of our equipment.

MEIKO products offer proven savings compared to our previous generation; the latest hood dishwasher features an ergonomic automatic hood, three forms of heat recovery and energy savings up to 21%. Our GiO reverse osmosis water treatment delivers improved reliability and sparkling, spot free results.

UK’s “No Extra Bills” extended warranties offer fixed-price all-inclusive maintenance and breakdown support by award-winning technicians, achieving in 2019, a 94% first time fix rate.

MEIKO is a leading European manufacturer and a globalbrand. The MEIKO name has been synonymous since 1927 with superb build quality, from small front-loading glass and dishwashers to large multi-tank rack, flight conveyor machines and food waste handling systems.