Andrew Plant Photography

With over fifteen years of experience and creativity within the professional photography arena, Andrew Plant has continued to fuel his passion by setting up Imagine Photographic in 2009.

Andrew brings his innovative and imaginative mindset to every job, enabling him to break the mould and create truly memorable and original images for his clients. He has worked for people from all trades and backgrounds, and his commercial work has seen him soar into the stunning world of aerial photography, with plenty of imagination spared for countless products, people and events across the South.

His enthusiasm and passion are shared equally between photography and good food, and he seamlessly combines the two in his images of food. Whether shot in the studio or on location, even during service, his images always convey the quality and feel of their subjects.

Andrew embraces the cutting edge of digital imaging, and offers both stills and video services, enabling clients to have a modern video presence as well as visionary, inventive images.

If you are considering showcasing your work or business, contact Andrew for an initial consultation.